Test Event (May 22 2013)

In 1987 Central Baptist Church of Ewing, NJ authorized the formation of an "Inner City Ministry Study Committee" to recommend a specific ministry that Central Baptist could establish in Trenton. After much work, the committee recommended on September 16, 1987 that Central give birth to a daughter church. Central accepted the recommendation. A second committee was authorized by church vote to implement a strategy for starting a daughter church. That committee recommended on February 7, 1988 that Rev. Tyrone Perkins apply to the Conservative Baptist Home Mission Society as a church planter and that the church planting effort be jointly sponsored by Central, Conservative Baptist Home Mission Society (now known as Mission to the Americas) and the Conservative Baptist Association of New Jersey (now known as the Mid-Atlantic Conservative Baptist Association). Tyrone Perkins was approved in April, 1988 to become an urban church planter. Tyrone and Janet Perkins were commissioned by Central to plant a church in the West Ward of Trenton.

A nucleus of ten other adults were gathered and weekly planning and study sessions were held, beginning on June 26, 1988.A prayer and newsletter, later to be known as WESTSIDE STORY! was begun in July. The new church was named Westside Bible Baptist Church. Westside denotes its location in the West Ward of Trenton. Bible demonstrates our commitment to the study, proclamation and obedience to the Word of God. Baptist shows that we hold to the traditional Baptist distinctive. The first public worship service was held on August 28, 1988. Westside ended missionary status and became an independent Conservative Baptist church on July 1, 1994. This site and its contents are the property of the West Side Bible Baptist Church